Emilys Imagery

Images for a Lifetime

Now that you’ve viewed things through the eye of the lens, you’ll find that the world looks different to you – it will seem to hold more beauty and intrigue.  Interesting and exciting details will jump out at you, begging to be captured in a picture.  You’ll also find that photography offers a quiet exhilaration.  The concentration necessary to compose and shoot is very relaxing and getting that “perfect shot” is very, very fulfilling.


So what are you going to shoot today? 


Are you stuck inside because of the rain?   Throw a white sheet over the back of your couch and line up some items from around the house.  Keep it simple and fill the viewfinder with your subject.  Jewelry is sparkly, colorful and fun.  Do you have any antiques?  Pets just BEG to be photographed.  They don’t even need to get up on the sheet!



What about those dreary days when it’s not raining, but it’s so . . . you know.  Dreary.  Cloudy days have GREAT lighting for photographs because there are no harsh shadows.  Just try not to include the sky.  You may find that the images you capture on cloudy days are more vivid than on bright, sunny days.


You can’t do much at night, right?  Wrong.  Keep your flash on and go outside.  Sneak up on your favorite flower (shhh, it’s sleeping!) and snap a photo.  You’ll get a vivid shot of the flower with a stark, black background.


If it’s a nice, sunny day with blue skies and puffy white clouds, take some shots of cows, horses or other farm animals.  It will give you an excuse to visit the country.  Just don’t annoy the animals or the farmers will chase you!  




Sunny days are perfect for landscape shots.  Do you live near an open field?  A lake?  Waterfall?  Sand dunes?  Are you getting the idea?  Any large, open area or natural focal point (even a path through the woods) is perfect material for a memorable shot.