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By now, you should be taking loads of photos.  What do you do with the ones that are pretty good, but not what the stock photo sites are looking for?  Why not share them with the whole world?


Morguefile.com is a unique site.  By the way, it has nothing to do with dead people.  ďMorguefileĒ is a term used in the newspaper industry.  Itís where they file old photos that they may want to resurrect later for a news story.  The photographers on this site donate their photos to the archive for anyone to use in any way.  You still retain your copyright, however.  The only thing a person who uses your photo cannot do is print it out, say THEY took it, then sell the image.  In a world where everyone wants a piece of the pie, you can feel good about serving one up.   


I have had over 500 emails from people who have used my images.  If you Google my name, youíll see some of the ways people have used them.  Some of the uses were web articles, non-profit publications, text books, travel brochures and art (many artists create oil paintings from photos).   One of my photos was used in a Greek childrenís storybook.  The publisher sent me a copy of the book as a thank you.  I canít read it, but it looks beautiful and I will treasure it forever!  My friend, Renee, is the blonde in the photo below.  Her image is being used to advertise an upcoming TV special!





Morguefile has many wonderful features: 

  • free high resolution digital stock photographs
  • free photography class
  • free portfolios for members to exhibit their talent
  • a forum with interesting, knowledgeable and helpful members worldwide 
  • chat room
  • contests
  • photography news
  • job listings
  • shopping through an affiliation with Amazon.com
  • Iím a moderator there.  Thatís the best feature! 

Morguefile is more than just a web site, itís a photography community.   Iíve made friends all over the world; Italy, Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand and all across America.  Everyone is helpful and nice there.  They share their knowledge freely, support each other and give helpful tips to each other to help improve techniques.


Come join us!       


I hope you've enjoyed the site!