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While you’re having fun taking photos, you can make money.  


You’ve already taken the photos.  Now you just need to find someone who likes them as much as you do and have that person PAY you for them.   Piece of cake!  Especially wedding cake!



Stock photo sites like Big Stock Photos are looking for your photos.  That’s because the rest of the world – advertisers, businesses, people who write text books – needs photos to accompany their publications.  Open a free account, submit your very best photos to them and make money while you’re out taking more photos!


What types of photos do stock sites look for?  They’re big on images about business, medicine, health and fitness, people in general and concept photos (hope, love, wealth, health, security).  In order to submit photos of people, you need a model release form.  Most stock photo sites provide one for you.   If not, you can get one here: 





Weddings are a BIG business.  If you decide that you really love photography and find yourself unable to resist buying an SLR camera (professional grade), you may want to consider shooting weddings.  (By the way, my own favorite SLR camera is Nikon.  That’s because it’s FAST.  Really, really FAST.  I love FAST!) 


Consider the simplest deal:  you shoot 800 photos of the wedding, delete around 200 crappy ones, crop and adjust the light and then give the couple the remaining photos on a disk so they can make their own copies.  You can charge $1,000.00 for this.  That’s $1,000.00 for one day’s work!



Practice on family weddings.  A disk of photos makes a great wedding gift and all it will cost is your time during the wedding.  Look at it this way:  it’ll get you out of your seat during the dull parts. 


To shoot weddings, you need a wedding contract.  Several samples are available at:


The contract protects you and the couple.


If you're looking for a wedding photographer in the South Jersey area, I highly recommend Dee Kull.  She is the house photographer for Antony & Cleopatra's Caterers in Williamstown, New Jersey, and she does an excellent job.  Her web site is http://www.deelightfuldigitphoto.com .



Picasa is a photo processing program that will help you perfect your photos after you take them.  Not only that, it adds special effects, changes the image to black and white and even allows you to make a musical slide show of your photos.  Imagine the money you’ll save when you can give slide show CD’s as birthday, anniversary and Christmas gifts!   You can download Picasa for free at:  http://www.picasa.google.com



After you accumulate some photos, open a free store at Cafe Press.com.  Paste photos onto products to create your free online store and Cafe Press.com does the rest for you.  You designate how much of each sale will be your profit.  The free option allows you to have 50 products for sale in your store.  If you don't think that sounds like much, think up 50 different photos and slogans for t-shirts, mugs and other items and see how long it takes you!

Please visit my store, Emily's Imaginings .  It will give you an idea of how it's done.  Who knows, you might even buy something!  (hint, hint!) 


Last but not least . . . have some fun making greeting cards from your images!

Greeting cards as well as products are on this site:

Find fun gifts at Zazzle